In 1947, three brothers and their father started an automotive parts offering radiator repairs which then grew to become the first company to introduce aftermarket applications and established itself as the market leader.

With raw passion for cooling systems, and tubes and fins running through their veins, CSF took its innovative ideas and leading technologies to the highest level and introduced its Racing & High-Performance Division, finally giving race car teams, drivers, and performance enthusiasts a product that performs just as hard as they do.

Now, the Racing & High Performance Division strives to build and engineer the most advanced, efficient, and reliable cooling systems in the world with cutting edge technology and experienced personnel at its three manufacturing facilities with industry-leading technology designed in-house, with over 250 different applications designed and engineered to maintain optimal engine temperatures, even under the most extreme driving conditions.



Power always comes at the cost of producing more heat. CSF offers a wide variety of cooling systems including High-Performance Radiators,
Intercooler Systems, High-Performance Heat Exchangers, Charge Air Cooler Manifolds, Transmission Cooler, and more applications to keep your temperatures in check. The Cooling Experts at CSF design and manufacture the ultimate cooling solutions for your vehicle so you can take your vehicle to the next level and push the limits while keeping your temperatures in check and sacrificing performance.


CSF has “reinvented” a common yet critical item, with features and benefits never seen before on an aftermarket high-performance oil cooler. With coolers being utilized as engine oil cooling, transmission oil cooling, power-steering, differential-cooling, as well as a water heat exchanger. CSF’s RACE-SPEC Oil Coolers are available in six universal-fit sizes, featuring:


Ultimate Performance + Bespoke Style. CSF offers the widest variety of custom finishes in the industry. With limitless options available in
Powder Coating, Thermal Dispersion Coatings, DLC (Diamond Like Coating), CSF enables enthusiasts to add their unique touch to their cooling products.


CSF brings to the industry the world’s best cores
for fabrication. The CSF Bar & Plate intercooler Cores features Magnum Cooler Series, Cross-Flow Cores, Vertical-Flow Cores, Air-to-Water Cores, and Custom Sizing upon request.