Located near Cologne, Germany, Mcchip DKR develop power and eco optimizations, V-Max suspensions, transmission optimizations, as well as turbo and compressor kits at their state-of-the-art development centre of over 1500 square meters where performance is tested on the modern Superflow SF880 high-performance test bench, easily allowing measurements of up to 1200 kW per axle.

Producing their own software products for over 15 years, Mcchip-DKR has become internationally renowned for its software and hardware optimizations, which are manufactured through cutting-edge development work and extensive testing in various dynamometers to ensure the highest quality and an optimal result. Today, Mcchip-DKR’s optimisations are trusted by over 1500 drivers yearly.


Mcchip-DKR offer chip tuning services to optimize vehicle performance by modifying the engine control unit's data. This results in up to a 30% increase in power and torque, improved acceleration, responsiveness, and top speed. The company’s chip tuning is tailored to each vehicle and can also achieve fuel savings of up to 10% in the partial load range. Mcchip prioritize the longevity of your vehicle and retain its emergency running capability by using their in-house developed Eco-Chiptuning software.


Mcchip-DKR's many years of experience, coupled with their success in the field of chip tuning and performance enhancement for gasoline and diesel engines, guarantee the highest quality. By fine-tuning the maps in the ECU, both torque (Nm) and power (kW/PS) increase by up to 30%, without breaching manufacturer tolerances.


Mcchip-DKR's eco-optimization services focus on reducing fuel consumption, making it an investment that quickly pays for itself at today's fuel prices. Private individuals and freight forwarders have already benefited from the company's eco-chip tuning and money savings. Mcchip-DKR provides innovative eco-software optimization through chip tuning of the latest generation for cars, vans, campers, trucks, and agricultural vehicles. With their services, customers can reduce their fuel consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future.