MoTeC is an internationally recognized brand in aftermarket automotive electronics, with over 25 years of experience in engineering and technology. The company's advanced products exceed expectations, earning the support of many top teams in race and rally. MoTeC has a reputation for reliability, technical expertise, and exceptional customer service. The company provides comprehensive technical assistance, product training, and a two-year warranty on all MoTeC manufactured items. With a dedicated R&D facility in Melbourne, Australia, and a worldwide dealer network, MoTeC offers a wide array of products, support, and training to customers worldwide.

MoTeC manufactures top-of-the-line products, including compact satellite displays and fully-featured replacement ECUs for a wide range of vehicles. Their engine management and data acquisition systems are designed for superior performance, reliability, and versatility, and are suitable for land, water, and air applications. Their product range caters to every level, from high-performance road vehicles to top professional race teams. With a modular design, customers can create a tailor-made solution using their core range of fully programmable ECUs, data loggers, and displays that can be integrated with peripheral devices and accessories.


MoTeC offers a range of fully programmable ECUs, starting from the earlier "gold box" Hundred Series ECUs to the latest M1 Series ECUs. The M1 Series ECUs are renowned for their advanced technology and ability to manage even the most complex modern engines. With a wide range of expansion options available, MoTeC's ECUs can be customised to meet the specific requirements of any automotive application.


MoTeC offers a variety of digital displays to monitor vehicle performance, including the D1 Series "Display only" variants and the C1 Series "Combined display/loggers". The D1 Series includes the D153 and D175, with customisable screen layouts and Display Creator software included. The C1 Series comes in 5, 7, and 12 inch sizes with multiple customisable layouts. Customers can also upgrade their displays to accept Display Creator designed layouts for greater flexibility.


MoTeC offers a range of data loggers to suit diverse needs. Their Colour Display Range comprises 5, 7, and 12 inch options that combine display, logging, and controller functions. These units are highly flexible and can be configured to individual preferences, with the added option to create customized screen layouts using Display Creator. The range includes options tailored to those with moderate data requirements (C125, C127, C1212), while the more comprehensive units (C185, C187, C1812) incorporate features ideal for professional motorsport. For those who require a non-display option, MoTeC offers the 5" L1 Series Logger. It offers the same features but without the display, enclosed in a unit.


MoTeC offers a range of software tools to complement their data acquisition hardware. The i2 data analysis software is a comprehensive tool that provides users with everything they need to analyse data and gain valuable insights into the performance and reliability of their engine and chassis. Meanwhile, the T2 Telemetry software is specifically designed for on-track monitoring, allowing engineers to track and analyse the vehicle's performance in real-time. Additionally, the Race Management software provides category organisers with unprecedented clarity into race events. Together, these software tools help MoTeC users get the most out of their data acquisition hardware.


MoTeC offers Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) that replace traditional relays, fuses, and circuit breakers, providing electronically switched power to different electrical systems in the vehicle. These include motors, lights, solenoids, ECUs, and data systems, among others. For the ultimate power management solution, MoTeC's PDMs can be combined with a keypad. This combination offers the highest level of power management and control.


MoTeC offers the ADR2, a second-generation Accident Data Recorder that captures essential data from vehicle accidents, including lateral, longitudinal, and vertical accelerations. This valuable information provides a deeper understanding of forces involved in high-impact collisions and can aid in the medical assessment of drivers.


MoTeC has introduced the V2 Video Capture system, which offers high-definition video for motorsport applications. Designed with the racing environment in mind, it provides superior video quality and several features unique to motorsport.


Subaru and Mitsubishi Differential Controllers (SDC and MDC ) are available for particular models of WRX and Evo. They provide user programmable control over the percentage of front and rear drive to cater for individual drivers preferences. SDC and MDC units replace the factory fitted centre differential controllers with no wiring modifications needed.


MoTeC offers a Lap Timing system that utilizes Beacon Transmitters (BTX) placed along the track and a Beacon Receiver (BR2) installed in the vehicle or integrated with a GPS unit by inputting the start/finish line coordinates. This system can be connected to a MoTeC display, data logger, or ECU for convenient tracking of lap times.


MoTeC offers several options for measuring air and fuel ratio after combustion in the exhaust gases. Lambda Upgrades are integrated into MoTeC ECUs and data loggers, providing accurate tuning capabilities. Alternatively, the standalone Professional Lambda Meter (PLM) is a quick and easy solution for measuring air and fuel ratio. The PLM can be used in conjunction with MoTeC products or as a standalone tool.


In order to expand the capabilities of its systems, MoTeC provides a variety of Expansion Modules suitable for a wide range of applications. These modules can either be used for increasing the number of sensor inputs or the number of output channels, or both.


MoTeC provides a wide range of Accessories to keep up with the increasing demands on vehicle electronics. New technologies and complementary devices are introduced each season to stay at the forefront of innovation. Some of these accessories are developed in-house, while others are sourced from trusted suppliers.


MoTeC provides a range of components for your wiring needs, including individual pins and fully-terminated wiring looms designed for use with ECUs. Specific wiring diagrams are available and can be found in the datasheets provided for your product or application.