Turbosmart is an Australian manufacturer that specializes in high-performance engine components, particularly boost control accessories. CEO & Founder Nic Cooper's passion for racing and engineering led him to create his first products, a blow-off valve and boost controller, in his parents' garage. Today, Turbosmart offers a comprehensive range of Australian-made blow off valves, external wastegates, wastegate actuators, and boost controllers. As a company of enthusiasts, Turbosmart is dedicated to the motorsport industry and creating industry-leading ground-breaking products that are released yearly for automotive and motorsport enthusiasts.


Turbosmart is an Australian manufacturer of blow off valves designed for high performance and reliability, built from durable billet aluminium. Their range of solutions includes options for every application, with choices based on positive seal piston and diaphragm style valves. The Kompact Range suits road cars, with upgraded valves for standard, high-performance, and tuned vehicles, including the Kompact EM series that integrates factory control electronics and strategies. Similarly, the BOV5 Range offers higher flow for higher horsepower setups, with a massive list of bolt-on, model-specific, and universal applications. Turbosmart's blow off valve range includes the Kompact, BOV5, Race Port, Power Port, and Big Bubba, with OE replacement and heavy-duty upgrades for all performance and street applications, race, and motorsport use. All valves rely on Turbosmart's positive seal piston and boost-balance system for reliable performance.


Turbosmart's Internal Wastegate Actuators are designed to upgrade turbochargers with internal wastegate actuators, providing improved control and greater accuracy. With over 20 years of external wastegate development, Turbosmart's IWG range benefits from a wider tuning window and a larger surface area for mechanical leverage, resulting in more precise control. Made from billet aluminium and featuring stainless steel rods and fasteners, these actuators are available in a vast range of vehicle-specific, turbo-specific, and universal applications, with a proprietary Silicon Nomex diaphragm ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.


Turbosmart is dedicated to offering the best boost control management solutions. Their range of boost controllers caters to street and race applications, with mechanical and electronic options. Mechanical boost controllers allow for up to two boost settings set by the driver and controlled via a switch, while electronic boost controllers offer more sophisticated solutions with various boost settings mapped against different triggers. Turbosmart also offers a wide range of gauges for monitoring boost levels, EGT, and transmission temps.


To ensure your higher-grade turbo runs at optimal performance, it's crucial to use quality products. Turbosmart offers a range of oil filters and drain adaptors, along with their patented Oil Pressure Regulator to protect and enhance the longevity of your investment.


Turbosmart's Fuel Pressure Regulators offer unmatched accuracy and responsiveness, with a range of specifications to suit various fuel pump flow potential and fitting sizes. These Australian-made regulators work with all known fuels, including E85 and methanol, and provide precise fuel control. Turbosmart's innovative control technology ensures the fastest response and most accurate fuel regulation, critical for both naturally aspirated and forced induction engines.


Turbosmart's Anti-Lag Valves Range offers a cost-effective fresh-air Anti Lag system designed for internal combustion engines. These valves come in both Fresh Air and Bypass styles and redirect high-pressure air from the compressor to the turbine manifold during closed throttle situations. When combined with a genuine anti-lag control strategy, this air ensures maximum turbine shaft speed is maintained, keeping the turbo on boost and ready for the throttle to open.


Turbosmart is known for its boost control products and has developed a range of solutions for supercharged applications. The Motorsport Proven, High-Quality Products that the brand is known for are now available in the Turbosmart range of Supercharger Accessories. While the name is turbo, the brand is boost by nature, and the Supercharger Accessories range further solidifies Turbosmart's reputation for providing high-quality products for forced induction engines.


Turbosmart offers a range of Silicone Hose & Clamps designed to work seamlessly with their products. They provide silicone hoses, spares, and parts to keep your engine running at peak performance. Their full range of Turbosmart silicone hoses & clamps is available for browsing.


The Turbosmart Fabrication Series is a collection of high-quality components designed to assist you with your high-performance and motorsport engine bay projects. These components are made with the exact quality expectations and standards that Turbosmart sets for their boost control products. The range includes high-quality materials that make welding easier and more consistent, provide long service life against corrosion and thermal cycling. With the Turbosmart Fabrication Series, you can be confident that you have everything you need for your project, and it won't let you down.